Arr et accus d’ communiste, il est lib apr huit mois

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Carpentier a l’architecture comme son p mais ses v passions ont toujours l’ qu’il pratiqua d’abord comme journaliste, et la musique. Dans la jeune vingtaine, il participe aux diff mouvements de contestation contre la dictature. Arr et accus d’ communiste, il est lib apr huit mois d’emprisonnement, puis part vivre en France.

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Though illegal akoub pickers face thousands of shekels in fines and up to three years in prison if apprehended, they are widely seen by Palestinians as part of the struggle against Israel, and can make several thousand shekels from a day’s work. Uncleaned, a kilogram goes for 35 shekels, or about $10. The price spikes to 70 or 80 shekels a kilogram, almost twice the price of ground meat, when the dense stems and leaves are cleaned from the tiny egg..

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