They seem to miss the tile flooring all together?!

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Father’s day is really a very special day to give your father a Christian cross father’s day gift. It is one of the most precious pieces of religious jewelry that you could give your father. Our fathers on this very special day need to know that we love them and have respect for them.

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20th February 2012Fact: Singer Justin Timberlake thrilled Saturday Night Live fans at the weekend (18 19Feb12) by making a surprise cameo to parody budding act Bon Iver. The Social Network star donned a wig and played guitar while pretending to sing Beyonce and Jay Z’ new daughter Blue Ivy a lullaby. The couple was portrayed by Maya Rudolph and funnyman Jay Pharoah..

“When the Archdiocese of New York approached CFT to launch an Online Marriage Prep Program, we knew it would be successful. The convenience, delivery, flexibility it has all the elements today’s couples look for,” said Jay Breeden, President of Catholic Faith Technologies. “Launching the program in English and Spanish made it a true service for their archdiocesan community.

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