He’ll be sporting number seven this season the

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Suddenly,his bike tyre slip and he fell down. He got some scratches on his body. It was going to be dark. “We hope to fill up the legs some day.””Four is not enough,” said offensive lineman Brendon Labatt, who was one of the jersey models. “I guess if that signifies the Grey cheap nfl jerseys Cup, we got work to do.”But other than that small fact, Labatt is a fan.”They’re nice, they’re comfy, that’s the main thing,” he said, adding the pants are more “spandex y” making it easier to move.Justin Capicciotti agreed with his teammate’s review.”It feels great, the fit is great, even the gloves and the cleats and things,” he said, adding it was awesome to be one of the team’s models.Capiccotti was wearing a popular number in Rider Nation at Thursday’s reveal. He’ll be sporting number seven this season the former number of fan favourite Weston Dressler.While the number seven may have deep roots for many Rider fans, it’s got a personal meaning to Capiccotti too; from his days at Simon Fraser University.”Seven’s a very special number because when I was playing there our quarterback, he passed away and he [wore] number seven,” he said.”We retired his jersey and we used to bring the number seven jersey to games and after the win we would always hold [it] up.”Wearing the jersey will be a tribute to him, Labatt said, but also fits in with linemate Shawn Lemon who is wearing number eight Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

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