This trip provides our team with a great educational

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Last year I needed seven holiday gifts quick, so I ran in to Lippman’s and, in 14 minutes, came out with the following: A sash that said “KING,” a Keystone Kops helmet, a hula skirt, and a pack of mustaches. “But what about the final three gifts,” you ask. Ah ha! I purchased three “1st Place” ribbons actually, first, second, and third place ribbons which I gave to my friends randomly and watched with glee as they tried to work out why they were being ranked and in such a confusing fashion.

As a Gold Star father, Khan knowns plenty about raising young patriots. Humayun Khan, Khan’s middle son, was killed in 2004 when a car carrying explosives detonated outside his base in Iraq. Captain Khan, sensing the danger, ran toward the car while telling others to take cover.

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Winde is in self imposed quarantine after coming into contact with a TV cameraman who died last week of covid 19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. On Sunday, Winde met virtually with about 80 epidemiologists, as he does every week, to parse the data. Many in the group caution that beyond the existence of the hot spots, much is still unknown about how and where the virus spreads..

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