End Derek Wolfe suffered a rib injury in the second

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Forests have had a net growth of over 1,500 NFL football fields per day since 2000.Fifteen per cent of Americans and 21 per cent of Canadians think the paper recovery rate exceeds 60 per cent.Out of six choices, Americans and Canadians rank urban development (first), construction (second) and pulp and paper (third) as having the most impact on global deforestation. Agriculture was ranked as having the least impact. And Canada, pulp and paper is not a cause of forest loss due to government regulations, sustainable forestry practices and forest certification programs.When it comes to paper purchasing behavior, 70 per cent of Americans and Canadians believe it is important to use paper products from sustainably managed forests.

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When I got checked out, something was there. End Derek Wolfe suffered a rib injury in the second quarter. Green returned after missing three games with an injured toe on his right foot, hoping to give the Bengals offence a lift, but he lasted only one quarter..

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