That means you won’t have to wrestle with your dog

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Remember in your prayers Ann Meegan , Dunbin, Brian Maguire, Crossabeigh, Alice Geoghegan, Crossabeigh, Pat Nugent, Ballybarrack, Fr Tom Hamill, Dundalk who died recently. Fr Gerry has completed the blessing of every home in the parish to protect each home from the COVID virus, so many thanks to him for his great efforts on that front. A reminder that all dead flowers/wreaths, excess waste from graves should be taken home and not left around.

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wholesale jerseys from china New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy will let individual shore towns decide whether to reopen beaches. His long awaited guidance Thursday directed them to set occupancy limits, require 6 feet (2 meters) of space between beachgoers, except family members or couples, and prohibit groups of 10 or more from congregating on the beach.. wholesale jerseys from china

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Used to always say we come from Gallatin, he said. You ever drove through Gallatin, you can blink twice because you miss it. But a lot of people who came out of there did real well. Several tools were reported stolen May 8 from a home under construction. Included were a miter saw and an air compressor. The home owner has since installed locks and will make sure the house is secured.

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