Latha: Two stocks, Bannariamman Sugars and National

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Cheap Jerseys from china Ebron has the physical gifts to punish linebackers and the speed and moves to get some decent YAC. He will be a nice fit between Megatron and Golden Tate. He will definitely go in double digit rounds due to the excess of quality tight ends. Neither having disappointed nor seen having pleased the market.Latha: Two stocks, Bannariamman Sugars and National Fertilizers (NFL), I assume you will track both, numbers looked very good, what would you say?A: Bannariamman Sugars I am not keeping a positive bias because in Tamil Nadu they will be having the lower production. In Tamil Nadu you have a longer season, in fact the sugar mills always have two seasons, working is about 240 days. Bannariamman has been a consistent performer and when you compare the results with Uttar Pradesh (UP) based sugar mills, in isolation you may find that to be the good numbers but I won be taking a positive call because Tamil Nadu is going to see a drop of about 22 25 percent in the sugar production in this season.Last season they had produced about 13 lakh tonne and I don think that this year they are going to touch it more than 10.5 11 lakh tonnes. Cheap Jerseys from china

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