There are many instances when using a fast shutter

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Lineage may have helped to belatedly save MacCurtain from the noose (Thomas Pierrepoint and his assistant had already arrived in Mountjoy Prison) but one of the first men to be executed by firing squad during the was Patrick McGrath who had fought in 1916. As his sister Josephine wrote in a letter to De Valera in August 1940, is unbelievable that I should have to appeal for my brother life to you, who was once his comrade in arms ghosts of 1916, to use Richard English words, and lastingly haunted political Ireland but they also etched their way into the British political consciousness. After Peter Barnes and James Richards (alias McCormick) were sentenced to death for an IRA bombing in Coventry in 1939, Hugh Montgomery wrote of the hazards of converting not altogether unsatisfactory situation into one cheap jerseys of undisguised hostility like that of 1916 Even the Chancellor of the Exchequer, John Simon, warned the British cabinet that it was to remember that there had been cases in the past where the view had been taken that it was not wise to commute a death sentence, but where, looking back, it seemed clear that the infliction of the death penalty had not been justified by the results last executions in the UK took place in 1964 the same year that the Criminal Justice Act restricted the death penalty to murder with a number of aggravating circumstances, including that the victim was an on duty Guard.

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