24 and 30, 1980, a month after the Canadian shootout

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Trump’s executive order in September seeking to wind down DACA, the Obama era policy that allows undocumented youth to stay in the country legally, would take effect in March this year unless Congress can work out an agreement on immigration reform. That has caused protest and organizing efforts from DACA recipients and their advocates locally and across the country. In the meantime, a number of entities, including the state of California, have sued the federal government to prevent the end of DACA.

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In Portland, there’s good beer everywhere you look. Even the rundown mini mart on the corner has a cooler filled with craft brew, and the chain grocery stores usually have at least one good 12 pack on special for the weekend. But Portland’s also got plenty of specialized beer and bottle shops where the selection’s impeccable and the staff operates at genius level, so be sure to check out these terrific places to find the perfect gift for the beer lover on your list even if that beer lover is you..

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cheap nfl jerseys Erik Dickinson, Urban Rangers Corp. President: Don’t forget entertainment and sports. You’ve got the 5 foot kid that’s going to the league and says he’s going to be the next LeBron James. The men in this group agree solutions are going to have to come from community and civic leaders alike. They’ve pledged themselves to invest in their communities and in their youth. They say if everyone buys into giving back and building the community from the ground up, it’ll pay dividends in the future cheap nfl jerseys.

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