The best thing about letter box flyers is that

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With NPR’s Digital News team, she edited, produced, and wrote news and feature coverage on everything from the war in Gaza to the world’s coldest city. She also curated the NPR home page, ran NPR’s social media accounts, and coordinated coverage between the web and the radio. For NPR’s Code Switch team, she has written on language, poetry and race.

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“Then next time he had a big old tuba. Then I turned around and he had a trumpet. Before I knew it, Troy was out blowing everybody on the street. As an affiliate marketer this is perhaps the one way you can go wild, and put your creative juices into action. With letterbox flyers you can also put them on cars windows, as well as in letter boxes you can also place them on notice boards. The best thing about letter box flyers is that people often bring them into their house and if what you put on their pricks their interest enough, then they can just go to their computer and check out the web address.

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