Buyer caution, 2014Be aware that when a certain look

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My wife did her best, but also had to discuss a million decisions related to the move, buying a house, getting a job, etc. In the Chiropractor’s office I forgot about all that. I didn’t even have to think to exercise my back muscles, it was automatic.

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Be mindful of the state of the world. Have some empathy for your customer. What does the world look like through their eyes? They might not be thinking long term right now. Add to that the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and the health insurance that came with those jobs and this crisis is only going to get worse. A report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation estimated that between 72,000 and 221,000 Maine people could lose employer provided health insurance due to the pandemic. We need the ACA now more than ever..

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When I see others who are having everyday challenges, to see them overcome that on a daily basis is very humbling. This is my way to push myself and go to a place that I would never be able to go to. It requires focus and determination and honing in on something.

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