There may be tax implications in funds if they come

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That agreement says the government must hold children in the least restrictive setting and release them as quickly as possible, generally after 20 days in detention.Donald Trump’s administration has repeatedly attempted to end these court ordered protections and has kept children well past the 20 day limit.On Thursday, there were 163 children at the detention centers in Dilley, Berks and Karnes City, Texas, detained an average of 137 days, attorneys said. Lawyers wrote to the independent monitor for the Flores settlement to report on what they described as a coercive and unconstitutional attempt to put in place a “indefinite detention or family separation” policy.”My assumption is that they will be using what they have done today to convince federal judges that they have complied with the Flores settlement and other orders of federal courts,” Cambria said. “I am telling you right now they have not.”The chairman of the House homeland security committee, Bennie Thompson, urged the Trump administration to end the practice immediately.

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