Unfortunately the players could not remember the

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The cell where he died was in a high security unit, famous for having held terrorists and drug cartel kingpins. Epstein death revealed the jail was suffering from problems including chronic staffing shortages that lead to mandatory overtime for guards day after day and other staff being pressed into service as correctional officers.The inspector general is investigating, and the Justice Department is still looking into the circumstances that led to Epstein death, including why he wasn given a cellmate. Two correctional officers responsible for watching Epstein have pleaded not guilty to charges alleging they lied on prison records to conceal they were sleeping and browsing the internet during the hours they were supposed to be checking on Epstein, as required, before his death.The warden in charge of the jail when Epstein took his own life was ordered reassigned to a desk post at the Bureau of Prisons regional office in Pennsylvania after Epstein death, but in January the Bureau of Prisons planned to move him into a leadership position at another federal correctional facility, putting him back in the field with inmates despite an ongoing investigation.

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