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Evidence based medicine is paramount to clinical care and decision making and must not be disregarded during crises, such as the covid 19 pandemic. The University of Pittsburgh has published its triage approach, designed specifically to not discriminate and in which all patients are eligible, regardless of underlying comorbidities, disability or age. It emphasizes the physician’s duty to care regardless of disability or health status..

The Wildcats took that momentum into the first overtime where they started to pepper Bednard more and more with shots. Rockwood almost deflected one past the junior netminder just 30 seconds into the period, but Bednard kept it out. Two minutes later, Phil Beaulieu shot went off Bednard shoulder and rolled toward the back of the net, but went just outside the far post.

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Since this powertrain mostly works as a series hybrid, the electric motor is used to power the wheels in most situations. This means the CR V accelerates in a smooth, torque rich fashion more indicative of an electric car than the parallel hybrid powertrains of the RAV4 and Escape. This difference can be felt most when accelerating off the line or when in need of a little extra oomph while powering through a corner..

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