In the USA, around 15 million workers are unemployed

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Cheap Jerseys china Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says his version of the Green New Deal would cost $11 trillion, but other estimates estimate the cost to be as high as $93 trillion!)Some of money allocated should go to upgrading the health care system, testing people and getting COVID patients respirators and medicines that work, conducting clinical trials to evaluate anecdotal evidence about various treatments, and saving lives! Other spending is to assist families whose breadwinners have been laid off by the lockdowns and quarantines, and businesses that have been closed down.In the USA, around 15 million workers are unemployed in the restaurant industry alone, plus millions more in restaurant support industries. If the business lockdown continues for an additional month or more, some 75% of independently owned restaurants will never reopen, business insiders say. Moreover, across the USA, it is minorities who are most seriously harmed by the shutdown, since they dominate the worst affected sectors.The rest of the money should simply not be spent, especially since it mostly more government debt. Cheap Jerseys china

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